This week in Reception we have been learning to….(9.3.18)

  • Estimate a number within 10
  • Predict which number you will land on if you add 2 on a number track
  • Set out the alphabet rainbow
  • Retell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Feel and discuss textures – rough, smooth, soft and sticky
  • Talk about and share stories
  • Read with a friend
  • Make a card for our mums

This week we have made a set of puppets for The Three Billy Goats Gruff and have learnt to tell the story. Please listen to me tell the story with my set of puppets at home.


Pori Drwy Stori – Boomerang Book Bags

We have 7 orange book bags in our class that your child will bring home to share over the next few weeks. They will come home on a Friday and must be returned the following Friday for the next group of children to take home. Inside there are 2 story books to share, one in English and one in Welsh. Inside the back cover there is an English translation of the Welsh book. Please enjoy the bags together. The magazine in the bag is for your child to keep and we will fill them up each time they are returned. I appreciate your cooperation with this project.

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