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Week beginning 9/10/1017

We have been

  • recording times tables and multiplication sums in different ways in our books
  • researching different organs and systems of the body – working in small groups and pairs.
  • planning an entry into a children’s encyclopedia
  • playing TT Rockstars 3 times a week- are scores are improving every week!
  • playing multiplication  games
  • learning about Diwali with Miss Barnes
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Week beginning 2/10/17

We have been learning to

  • understand multiplication in many different ways- games, pegs, play-dough, jigsaws
  • playing times tables game
  • learning about the functions of the major organs of the human body
  • learning welsh songs about our body
  • finding out about the features of an information text
  • making and drawing skeletons
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Week Beginning 02/10/17

This week we have been:

  • Present our “me box” to the class and answer questions.
  • Act out the great fire of London in the park.
  • Learning to take away by counting on.
  • Writing questions to ask the fire fighters during our trips.
  • Enjoying our trip to the fire station.
  • Using our senses to explain what you could see, hear smell and touch during the Great Fire of London.
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MacMillan Coffee Morning

We will be holding a coffee morning to raise funds for this charity between 10.45- 11.45 am on Friday 29th September. Mrs Nicklin would love to get to know you over a coffee and cake so please come along and meet our new Headteacher.

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This week we have been………

  • finding our about our new class
  • playing games
  • writing and drawing about ourselves
  • learning the new routines of the juniors
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This week we have been ……. 13/3/17

  • Learning about gravity and air resistance
  • Making and testing paper helicopters
  • Telling the time and converting seconds, minutes and hours.
  • Using calculators.
  • Measuring accurately a 5 m diameter Celtic Roundhouse
  • Finding out information about Celtic life – what did they eat and how did they get their food?
  • Researching Celtic life for a museum exhibition
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This week in Year3 we have been…….. 6/3/17

  • Investigating 3D shape.
  • Using the words faces, edges and vertices to describe shapes.
  • Learning about Celtic life.
  • Making Celtic round houses.
  • Finding differences between our own houses and those from Celtic times
  • Making a mosaic picture.
  • Practising our times tables.
  • Looking for the features of an explanation text.
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This we have been very busy…… 27/2/17

  • Drama workshop exploring the story of Gwellian the Brave.
  • Practising for St. David’s day
  • Making pancakes
  • Writing instructions to make pancakes.
  • Investigating 3 D shapes and prisms.
  • Celebrating World Book Day.
  • Celebrating St. David’s Day with a carousel of activities – rugby, food tasting, craft, cooking, ICT.
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This week we have been learning to 30/1/2017

  • write a recount in welsh about our visit to Caerleon.
  • describe a Roman soldier
  • make toast and order the steps needed to write instructions.
  • subtract, find the difference, count on and take away.
  • investigate the strength of magnets.
  • use apparatus in PE.
  • work on our mosaic pictures.
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Valentine’s Disco

Our Valentine’s Disco will be held on Thursday February 16th 5-6.30pm. There will be games, crafts and refreshments. Tickets will be available from the school office from Monday February 6th, priced £1.50 which includes a free raffle for the ticket.

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