Croeso i Bl6

Welcome to Year 6-Spring Term 2017

                      With Miss Mead & Mrs Sears-Neale

This term our topic is ‘Summer Camp’.

Summer Camp is a geography orientated subject which includes many exciting activities such as: Identifying and locating places and environments using globes, atlases, and maps, e.g. use co-ordinates and four-figure references; Following directions, estimating and calculating distances. We will also be investigating different habitats and plants.


Our week in Year 6

Monday- Reading books to be in school
Tuesday – Guitars
Thursday – Swimming (bather, goggles and towel)  
Friday–Forest Schools- coat needed ( warm clothes needed during winter).
Homework due in. New homework given out. Reading books to go home.

Please encourage your children to complete their homework and read as much as possible!

Many Thanks

Miss Mead