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May 2018(1)


What’s in this newsletter?

  • Values
  • Parents Evenings
  • National Tests
  • EMAU Consultation meeting
  • Dates for your diaries


Well done to Year 1 and Year 4 who had the best attendance last week with 99%…



I met with our School Council to talk about the values that are important to us all and how (and if) we should promote them in school. The School Council decided that we should look at values each month and then select the values they felt were the most important. This month’s value is Courage, I will put the value of the month on every newsletter and it will also go onto the website. In school, assemblies will focus on the value and children will be asked if they can see that value being used both in and outside of school.


Parents Evenings

Thank you to all of you who came in to speak with your child’s teacher this week. I cannot stress how important it is to have strong links between home and school and it was lovely to see so many of you.


Creative Schools Project

On Monday evening some of the Year 5 pupils joined with pupils from the other cluster schools to share their work with the Creative Schools Project which has been led by Pentrehafod. It was lovely to see and hear the wonderful imaginative stories the children from all the schools had produced and we were very proud of our representatives who spoke so clearly to the audience. Well done to Elliott, Keaton, Shafi, Parmit, Amari, Alvin and Miss Steel for the hard work you have put in.
You can see more about this project in the video below;


National Tests

We have started to administer the National Tests to the children in Years 2 to 6. As a staff we feel it is really important that no extra pressure is placed on the children and they realise that all we want is for them to give it a try.


EMAU Consultation

The Local Authority has begun a consultation about the way they deliver the support to the pupils who speak English as a second language. There is a second parents meeting about the proposed changes which will take place in Bishop Vaughan School on 8th May between 4.30pm to 6.30pm.


Dates for your diary

·        2/5/18 – National Tests begin

·        7/5/18 – Bank Holiday (No school)

·        9/5/18 – National Test end

·        21/5/18 – NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUB

·        25/5/18 – Break up for half term

·        6/6/18 – Choir in Grand Theatre

·        6/7/18 – Choir in Swansea University

·        23/7/18 – Children break up for summer

·        24/7/18 – INSET day.


Thank you for your continued support this term, if you have any queries please come and see me.

Kindest Regards

Mrs Nicklin

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